What Does Weight Loss Surgery Turkey Cover?

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

Weight loss surgery is also known medically as bariatric surgery. In Turkey, weight loss surgery has become very popular in recent years and many hospitals and clinics offer this service.

Weight loss surgery may be an option for people struggling with obesity and is recommended for patients who cannot lose weight with diet and exercise. These surgeries can aid weight loss by reducing the size of a person's stomach or altering their gastrointestinal tract, reducing calorie absorption during the digestive process.

Many private hospitals and clinics in Turkey perform this type of surgery and offer many different options. However, weight loss surgery may not be a suitable option for everyone, and since each patient's situation is different, it is important to consult a doctor first for this type of surgery.


Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is surgical interventions on the stomach and intestinal tract to achieve weight loss of a person. This type of surgery usually includes the following operations:

Stomach Reduction Surgery (Gastric Bypass)

gastric bypass Surgery is a surgical procedure for obesity. During this surgery, the stomach is reduced and the intestinal tract is rerouted.

First, the surgeon removes part of the gastric pouch to shrink the stomach and creates a smaller gastric pouch. This new gastric pouch is approximately 10% of the original gastric pouch used for eating.

Next, the shrunken gastric sac is attached to part of the intestinal tract. In this way, when food enters the small stomach sac, you will feel full more quickly by taking less food. Also, part of the intestinal tract is bypassed, reducing calorie and nutrient absorption.

Gastric bypass surgery is an effective method in the treatment of obesity-related diseases and in weight loss. However, like any surgery, it has risks and complications. Therefore, it is important to consult with a doctor to decide whether this surgery is appropriate.


Tube Stomach Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy)

Gastric sleeve surgeryIt is a surgical procedure used in the treatment of obesity. In this surgery, the stomach is shrunk and left in the form of a smaller tube.

First, the surgeon removes about 80% of the stomach and then sutures the rest, leaving it in the form of a longer, thin tube. This new form of stomach helps reduce overeating and therefore weight loss.

Gastric sleeve surgery is not as invasive as gastric bypass surgery and has a faster recovery time. Also, other advantages include not needing to change eating habits and not needing to reorganize the intestines.


Laparoscopic Ajustable Gastric Band (Lap Band)

Laparoscopic Ajustable Gastric Band (Lap Band) is a surgical procedure used in the treatment of obesity. In this procedure, A gastric band is used to shrink the stomach and limit food intake.

Lap Band surgery is performed with the laparoscopic method, that is, small incisions are made and the operation is performed with the help of surgical instruments and a camera. During surgery, a band is attached to the stomach and this band divides the stomach into two parts. The upper section is reduced and allows less food to be taken. Also, since the band is adjustable, its tightness can be increased or loosened as needed.

Lap Band surgery is less invasive than other bariatric surgeries and carries less risk of complications. Moreover, Long-term weight loss can be sustained with band adjustments. However, Lap Band surgery also has disadvantages. The tape may slip, become pinched, or frayed. In addition, it may be necessary to make changes in eating habits after surgery.

Lap Band surgery can be an effective obesity treatment method for suitable candidates. However, it is important to consult with a doctor to decide whether this surgery is appropriate.


Biliopancreatic Diverter Surgery

Biliopancreatic Diverter (BPD) surgery is a surgical procedure used to treat obesity. This surgery results in weight loss by shrinking the stomach and reorganizing the intestines.

During this surgery, part of the stomach outlet is removed, leaving a smaller stomach. This part of the stomach is disconnected from the intestines and the indigestible food is allowed to go directly to the intestines. In this way, the calories of indigestible food are not absorbed and weight loss is achieved.

BPD surgery can provide more weight loss than other bariatric surgery procedures. It is also effective in the treatment of metabolic diseases such as diabetes. However, BPD surgery carries risks like other bariatric surgery procedures. It may be necessary to make changes in eating habits after surgery and problems such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies may occur.


Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon is a medical device used for weight loss. This device contains a balloon placed in the stomach and partially fills the stomach, helping to reduce food intake and therefore weight loss.

The gastric balloon procedure is performed by a gastroenterologist and is usually done under local anesthesia. The balloon placed in the stomach is inserted through the mouth or nose by endoscopic method and then inflated with liquid or gas. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to insert the balloon.

Gastric balloon reduces the stomach volume of the person and provides a feeling of satiety. In this way, the person begins to eat less and lose weight by taking fewer calories. The gastric balloon can be combined with other weight loss methods and should be supplemented with exercise and a healthy diet to accelerate weight loss.

Gastric balloon can be an effective weight loss method for suitable candidates. However, there are some risks during or after balloon placement, such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating, reflux, and perforation of the gastric balloon. Therefore, the gastric balloon procedure should only be performed when recommended and appropriate by a doctor.

Stomach Botox

Stomach botox is a medical procedure used to relax the stomach muscles. This procedure is applied to reduce the stomach and increase the feeling of satiety by temporarily paralyzing the stomach muscles. Stomach botox is performed with an endoscopic procedure. During the procedure performed by gastroenterologists, botulinum toxin is injected into the stomach muscles using an endoscope. This toxin inhibits contractions of the stomach muscles and temporarily shrinks the stomach.

Stomach botox is not a method used for the treatment of obesity. It is usually a method that is tried before other methods of weight loss are used. Stomach botox can help a person control their appetite and eat less. However, stomach botox carries risks like other medical procedures. For example, side effects such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, and difficulty in swallowing may occur during or after the stomach botox procedure.


Weight Loss Surgery Turkey Success

Weight loss surgery gives very successful results in Turkey. These surgeries are performed by specialist surgeons in many hospitals and health centers in Turkey. Turkey is one of the world's leading countries in weight loss surgeries. Surgeons in Turkey achieve successful results by using the latest technological developments and the most up-to-date techniques.

The success rate may vary depending on the person's age, weight, health status, and post-operative follow-up and care. However, In general, the majority of patients experience significant weight loss after weight loss surgery. In addition, other obesity-related health problems of patients are also reduced after surgery. The health sector in Turkey has made significant progress in recent years and has a very good infrastructure in weight loss surgery. Turkey, which is also very popular in terms of health tourism, is one of the world's leading destinations for weight loss surgery.


Why Turkey from Weight Loss Surgery?

Turkey is a preferred destination for weight loss surgeries. There are many reasons for this:

Specialized Surgeons: Surgeons performing weight loss surgeries in Turkey are trained and experienced. Thanks to their high-quality medical education and many years of practice experience, they have the skills needed to achieve the best results for patients.

Technological Infrastructure: The health sector in Turkey has made significant progress in recent years. Kilometers of modern hospitals, operating theaters equipped with state-of-the-art devices and equipment, ensure that patients are treated in the best possible way.

Prices: The cost of weight loss surgeries in Turkey is quite low compared to Western countries. Therefore, Turkey may be a more cost-effective option for weight loss surgeries.

Health tourism: Turkey is one of the world's leading destinations in terms of health tourism. It offers many options that offer both touristic activities and treatment opportunities. Therefore, those who prefer Turkey for weight loss surgery can also find the opportunity to explore the country.

Fast Appointment and Treatment Time: Weight loss surgery hospitals in Turkey generally offer fast appointment times and short wait times. The duration of treatment may also be shorter compared to Western countries.

For these reasons, Turkey has become a worldwide destination for weight loss surgery.

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