Gastric Bypass Surgery Prices Germany

gastric bypass surgery It is among the methods preferred by obesity patients with the aim of losing weight. This surgery is also known as gastric bypass. In addition to the operations performed for the stomach, there are also various applications for the intestine. With these surgeries, there are a number of procedures that help people lose weight. Obesity is one of the most serious diseases in our age. If this disease is not treated, various diseases related to obesity may occur in people.

Obesity can cause various problems such as breathing problems, heart ailments, sleep problems, as well as being overweight. With gastric bypass surgery, people gain a much healthier body as well as losing weight. In addition, serious diseases caused by excess weight can be prevented.

How Much BMI Should You Have for Gastric Bypass
How Much BMI Should You Have for Gastric Bypass

How Much Should BMI Be for Gastric Bypass?

Gastric bypass treatment It is a series of operations performed on the stomach and intestines. Thanks to this surgery, obesity patients can lose weight much more easily. In order for people to have these surgeries, they must meet certain criteria. These surgeries are extremely suitable for patients with morbid obesity.

For gastric bypass surgery, people must have a body mass index of 40 or above. In addition, people must be between the ages of 18 and 65 for this surgery to take place. If patients do not meet these criteria, they must have a BMI of at least 35, as well as have serious health problems due to obesity. Health problems that may occur due to obesity;

  • High cholesterol
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • It is in the form of sleep apnea.

What are the Effects of Gastric Bypass Surgery?

gastric bypass surgery With this, the removal of a part of the stomach and intestines is performed. With gastric bypass surgery, patients' stomachs are reduced in size. In addition, shortening processes are performed in the intestines connected to the stomach. In this way, patients get full quickly with smaller portions. This causes the food eaten to remain in the body less and be thrown away without being digested too much.

In addition, the tissues that cause the secretion of the hunger hormone in the removed part of the stomach are also disabled. This will cause people to feel less hungry. Considering these effects, patients consume less portions since they do not feel hungry and experience a feeling of fullness quickly. This is a situation that prevents people from consuming too many calories. Thanks to gastric bypass surgery, people enter the process of losing weight much easier and faster.

How Much Weight Do Patients Lose With Gastric Bypass Surgery?
How Much Weight Do Patients Lose With Gastric Bypass Surgery?

How Much Weight Do Patients Lose With Gastric Bypass Surgery?

It is not possible to give clear information about how much weight will be lost in gastric bypass surgeries, as the results of the treatment vary from person to person. The diets that people apply after the surgery, as well as their daily movements, are effective on the weight they will lose. In addition, the metabolic rate of people is an issue that is effective in the weight they will lose.

Gastric Bypass Germany Price

gastric bypass surgery can be performed in hospitals such as Helios Hospital-Berlin, Bremen Ost Clinic-Bremen, Vivantes Hospital Group-Berlin. Gastric Bypass surgery Germany price The average cost in hospitals here is around 13.000 €. Since the prices are quite high, people seek different treatment methods instead of having this surgery.

Turkey gastric bypass surgery prices much more convenient. Gastric bypass surgeries can be performed in Turkey for less than half of the German prices. For this reason, people prefer to have these surgeries done in Turkey rather than in Germany. In addition, there are suitable packages for surgeries to be performed in Turkey. Additional fees are not required for transactions made in addition to the package prices.

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